CLIFTON FORGE — Over 30 volunteers met on the steps of Clifton Forge Town Hall on Saturday, April 24, to participate in the Clifton Forge Community Clean Up.

The clean up was developed as a cooperative effort between the town of Clifton Forge and the Corridor Curb Appeal Vision 2025 Committee, in response to the designation of April as Clean Up month in the Alleghany Highlands.

Clifton Forge decided to focus on one day of clean up that would hopefully spread throughout the community.

Specific areas of the town were targeted in addition to the entrance corridors.  The downtown area, the historic CSX employee tunnels on Main Street, the parks and trails and church yards were part of a concerted clean up effort. The community clean up sparked additional offshoot efforts in neighborhoods as well.

The volunteers represented the Corridor Curb Appeal Committee, Clifton Forge Main Street, Central United Methodist Church, Clifton Forge Presbyterian Church, First Baptist of Clifton Forge, Twilight Garden Club, Friends of Washington Park, Boys Home of Virginia, Clifton Forge Parks and Trails Committee and Clifton Forge Town Council in addition to volunteers who saw the notice on Facebook and in the paper.

“We are so grateful to all the volunteers who came out on a chilly day with threat of rain.  The sense of community was amazing and the volunteers set to work with determination and smiles on their faces,” said Clifton Forge Town Manager Chuck Unroe.

“The Community Clean Up Day definitely was a physical effort that represented a community spirit of working together to improve our town,” Unroe added. “We’d like to do this again in the fall and encourage youth groups and families to get involved, in addition to those valued volunteers that show up every time we set out to clean up the town.”

The clean-up efforts lasted throughout the day with many volunteers bringing their full bags of litter and debris back to Town Hall.  The bags began to pile up with 30 to 40 filled bags at last count. Several groups continued to clean up on Sunday as well.  

Not all volunteer names were captured, however, the list of those who signed in include; Angie Kimberlin, Frankie Deaton, Linda Rumpf Archer, Lilly McClung, Ethan Hillert, Evan Massie, Charlie Kahle, Karen Buzzard, Susan Hutchison, Jenny Oeltjen, Dave Oeltjen.

Lisa Jonas (Clifton Forge Main Street), Martha Edwards, Janie Barnette, Linda Harrison, Adell Pettrey, Ellis Pettrey, Wanda Woodyard (Central United Methodist Church), Debbie Strott, John Strott (Twilight Garden Club), Mott Atherholt, Bill Atherholt, Martha Atherholt, Gayle Hillert, Chuck Unroe,

Nancy Newhard, Mar Jimenez, Marley Jimenez (Corridor Curb Appeal Committee).

Paul Brokaw, Cindy Brokaw (Clifton Forge Presbyterian Church), Evelyn Cooper, Wanda Davis (Friends of Washington Park), Jeff Irvine (Clifton Forge Town Council, Nick Sposeeto, Josh Eng, Anita Proffitt (Boys Home of Virginia), Roslyn Thomas (First Baptist Church of Clifton Forge), Mike Hayslett, Clifton Forge Parks and Trails.

(Photos Courtesy?Gayle Hillert)