A shootout that occurred on Saturday, Jan. 16, in the parking lot of the Lewisburg Walmart store has resulted in the arrest of two Greenbrier County men.

Shakem Jahmal Atkinson, 23, and Makell David Hickman, 21, both of White Sulphur Springs, are being held on charges connecting them to the shooting.

On Saturday, Jan. 16, officers were dispatched to the Lewisburg Walmart location in response to reports of shots fired. Officers began their investigation in the area of the parking lot where the “Tire and Lube” section of the store is located.

According to the criminal complaint, officers located a total of 15 spent shell casings in the parking lot, including 13 spent pistol rounds and 2 spent shotgun rounds. Law enforcement then received notification that at least one vehicle had been struck by multiple gunshots.

The complaint further states that, during the course of their investigation, officers learned that Makell David Hickman, while in a vehicle, allegedly fired several rounds from a handgun into a crowd of approximately 15 people. Multiple witnesses then observed Hickman leaving the area in said vehicle. Officers later located Hickman at his residence in White Sulphur Springs. Hickman was allegedly in possession of a handgun matching the caliber of the spent rounds found at the scene.

Hickman has been charged with one count of wanton endangerment. Shakem Jahmal Atkinson has been charged with one count of conspiracy to commit a felony and one count of being an accessory after the fact.

Both are currently being held at Southern Regional Jail. Bail has been set for both men at $25,000 cash bond or surety.

The investigation is ongoing, and law enforcement is in the process of gathering evidence and pursuing leads.

The West Virginia Daily News is following this developing story and will update readers as soon as new details are available.


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