The community will have a say in the naming of the high school and middle school in the jointly-run Alleghany Highlands school division.

The school division will be created when Alleghany County and Covington schools merge on July 1, 2022.

The name for the school division — Alleghany Highlands Public Schools — was chosen Tuesday by the Joint School Services Committee.

The committee is now given the public a say in naming the high school and middle school. An online poll is being conducted through April 8 on Survey Monkey.

The poll is designed for the community to rank proposed names for the schools in order of preference.

The names are: Mountain Ridge, River View, Mountain Valley, Jackson, Fort Young, Summit, Valley Ridge, Jackson River and Alleghany Highlands.

There is also a write-in option.

Voting will consist of two rounds, with the top three choices from round one advancing to round two, for a finalist.

Votes can be cast by visiting:

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