The Covington Division of Police welcomed two new members into its ranks after they were officially sworn in by City Clerk Gail Wood during the regular meeting of Covington City Council held Tuesday night.

Officers Jesse Campbell and Justin Fitzgerald were introduced to the public by interim Chief of the Covington Division of Police Chris Smith.

Campbell, who was born and raised in Virginia, attended Buffalo Gap High School, continued her education at Valley Career and Technical Center in Fishersville before graduating from Dabney S. Lancaster Community College as a medical assistant.

During the introduction of Campbell, Smith stated, “Officer Campbell graduated from Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy on May 29 after approximately 22 weeks of in-depth and rigorous training that included mentally and physically challenging objectives.”

Smith also said of Campbell that she is currently in the second phase of her field training, which involves answering calls for service with the assistance of a field training officer.

Prior to advancing to her current position as officer, she served as a communications officer for the Covington Division of Police for five months.

At the conclusion of Campbell’s introduction, Smith said, “She is driven and ambitious and plans to continue her education in law enforcement. She’s very eager to serve the citizens of the city of Covington.”

Campbell is a mother of two children, ages 14 and 7.

Fitzgerald was introduced to the public after Campbell.

Fitzgerald arrived in Covington by way of Natural Bridge.

He currently works in the patrol division for the Covington Division of Police.

“He completed a four-week field training program to get acquainted with our department policies and standards to have the opportunity to learn how to navigate around the city, amongst other areas of learning,” Smith said.

Fitzgerald started his law enforcement career approximately seven years ago with Virginia State Police.

In addition to experience with Virginia State Police, Fitzgerald has worked with the city of Buena Vista Police Department and the Carillon Clinic Police Department, before joining the Covington Division of Police.

Fitzgerald also has training in non-violent crisis intervention and attended the FBI Crisis Negotiations course.

Smith said Fitzgerald’s experience “will be a benefit to the department.”

He is a 2010 graduate of U.Va. Wise, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in government.

Fitzgerald enjoys trying new foods and spending time with his 7-year-old son in his spare time.

Later in the meeting, an agenda item was added on was the topic of discussion.

This item was in regard to the North Peak Public Safety Communication Tower.

Interim City Manager Clay Goodman stated to council, “I am requesting that the council add this matter to this meeting’s [Tuesday’s] agenda and authorize the city manager to execute the proposed agreement subject to the terms and conditions listed and the city attorney’s approval as to form the proposed agreement.”

Goodman then stated that he wanted this added to Tuesday’s agenda because he felt that the matter can be completed quicker than waiting for the Tuesday, Aug. 13, regular meeting of city council.

The tower company involved with the project, Data Path, has been in talks with the city and property owners to provide access.

Once the tower is set up, necessary communication equipment will be used to serve the joint Alleghany County/Covington City public safety communications improvements.

“Access has to be provided to the site. The city has a right-of-way which can be used, but needs improvements and is a circuitous route,” Goodman also said.

After discussions, the following terms and conditions were set:

— Data Path will make a one-time payment to Josh Johnston for $22,000 for construction access to the tower site by North Peak during construction and to reimburse for any damages arising from the use of North Peak for access to install the tower;

— Data Path agrees to pay $1,000 annually for continued access to the tower via North Peak and agrees to pay to a 3 percent annual cola;

— The city of Covington agrees to pay $1,000 annually for continued access to the tower via North Peak and agrees to a 3 percent annual cost of living adjustment;

— Wes Dew, property owner who sold the tower site to the city and provided the current right-of-way, agrees to forgo the annual payment of $500;

— Dew agrees to sign the necessary Dominion Power easement for power access to the tower via North Peak and adjacent properties (easement and plat to be attached to the proposed agreement);

— Following the formal conveyance of the power line easement, the city will agree to vacate its original right-of-way through Dew’s property.

“These proposed terms and conditions were resolved last week and a draft agreement is being developed by the city attorney Mark Popovich,” Goodman said.

Following the discussion, city council unanimously approved the North Peak Public Safety Communication Tower matter.

Goodman concluded the discussion by stating, “We’ve gotten behind on this and that’s on me, but we got to get it going.”

The following agenda items also received approval from council Tuesday:

— HOPE Performance Agreement;

— DCR Trail Grant Funding Opportunity (80/20 state/local match with a minimum request of $100,000 and minimum project total of $125,000);

— Joyce Persinger appointment to the Social Services Board;

— Wes Walker appointment to the Board of Zoning Appeals;

— Stephanie Clark appointment to the Ninth District Development Financing Board;

— Mayor Tom Sibold and Vice Mayor David Crosier appointment to the Joint Services Committee;

— Second reading of Ordinance O-19-05 regarding the utility deposit program.

In public comment, Bernie Moncrief raised concerns over dog feces being left and not picked up around the city.