CLIFTON FORGE — This Sunday, Living Stones Ministries will be meeting at their Life House location at 601 Granville Avenue in Clifton Forge. 

They will be celebrating the first anniversary of their adoption of the Kanembu people of Chad, Africa.

David Bogosian, president  of Christian Aid Mission, will be the guest speaker. 

Living Stones has partnered with Christian Aid to help set up a Christian witness among the Kanembu.   

They are a tribe of approximately 750,000 people in northern Chad that doesn’t have any Christian church or ministry among them.   

Christian Aid has connected LSM with Christians in southern Chad who are willing to go as missionaries to the Kanembu.

The missionaries will seek to build relationships with the Kanembu through helping with education and meeting other community needs. 

Living Stones is supporting the missionaries and their families and they have purchased land for one missionary to farm so he can teach the local people better farming techniques.

Living Stones is also committed to help build a school or medical facility to help the Kanembu. The missionaries are seeking to earn the right to tell the Kanembu about the forgiveness of the Lord Jesus and to hopefully begin planting Christian churches among them.

The service will begin at 1 a.m. and a meal will be served afterwards. Following the meal there will be a time for people to ask Bogosian questions about Chad, about the Kanembu, or about any of the work of Christian Aid.

It is the goal of Christian Aid to establish a witness for Christ among every people group of the world.  They do this by seeking support for native Christian workers who can then reach people with whom they already have a connection.  

During the 10 a.m. service Bogosian will be bringing the LSM family up to date about the missionaries that have gone to the Kanembu and about the work they are doing.

For more information about how you, or your church, can support a native Christian worker, visit

Sunday’s gathering and meal are open to anyone who is interested. 

For more information on Sunday’s gathering, please call 863-4576.