The early giving period for Give Local Alleghany Highlands is now open. This means that local philanthropists can get on to right now to make a donation to the nonprofits that they believe make the community a better place.

“What a wonderful opportunity for each group to showcase their cause individually, but also come together as a unified group to support all of the good work being done in our community,” said Mr. Donnie Wheatley, executive director of the Boys Home. “It has been a tough year for all, but thanks to endeavors like this we will continue to not only survive, but thrive!”, he added.

There will be over twenty-five nonprofit organizations participating in Give Local Alleghany Highlands, an online 24-hour fundraising event taking place on June 15th. Each of the participating nonprofits has its own profile page on where community members can learn about the nonprofit organization and make donations to support that group. Give Local Alleghany Highlands is being hosted by The Alleghany Foundation in partnership with the Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism. 

The Alleghany Foundation is providing $32,000 in prizes and incentives that will be awarded based on how much money each nonprofit organization is able to raise through donations. Donations made between now and 11:59 PM on June 15th will be counted towards the grand prize competition. This competition will award prizes to the top four small and large organizations that raise the most money during Give Local Alleghany Highlands. Small organizations are nonprofits with an annual budget of less than $100,000, and large organizations are nonprofits with a budget of more than $100,000. First place in each group will receive $3,000, second place will receive $2,000, third place will receive $1,200, and fourth place will receive $1,000. In addition, every organization that receives at least ten donations between now and June 15th will receive an even split of a $7,000 prize pool. 

“It is exciting to be involved with The Alleghany Foundation’s vision to help all local nonprofits and engage in some friendly competition,” said Dr. James Cook, executive director of the DSLCC Educational Foundation. “We are able to engage with alumni of Dabney S. Lancaster Community College and other members of the community”. 

Although donations can be made any time between now and June 15th, you are encouraged to make your donations on June 15th as this will be the day that The Alleghany Foundation is sponsoring time-based fundraising competitions including Power Hours and Golden Tickets. There will be three power hours for small nonprofits and three for large nonprofits.  One power hour will award $1,000 based on the amount of money raised during the allotted time.  The other two power hours will award $1,500 to the organizations that receive the most unique donations during the allotted time. In addition to these Power Hours, $2,600 will be awarded on June 15th using randomly selected Golden Tickets. There will be a $200 Golden Ticket drawn on the hour every hour between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. To learn more about the prizes being given out during Give Local Alleghany Highlands, please go to and click on “Prizes and Rules”. If you would like to see the full list of participating organizations, please click on “Participants”. 

For more information about Give Local Alleghany Highlands, please visit, email Daniel Grizzard at, or call The Alleghany Foundation office at (540) 962-0970.  

About The Alleghany Foundation: Founded in 1995 following the sale of the Alleghany Regional Hospital, The Alleghany Foundation seeks to be a catalyst for positive change in the Alleghany Highlands. The Foundation aims to focus its capital in a way that leads to a more civically engaged and prosperous community that builds upon its assets to produce opportunities for all residents. The Foundation invites community members to join us in this effort and give local on June 15th.