Nominations for the Covington City School Board and a supplemental appropriation were at the center of discussions during Tuesday evening’s regular May meeting of Covington City Council.

During a public hearing that took place at the beginning of the meeting, it was announced that appointments for two seats on the school board are up for grabs.

Those are seats of the current Chairman Eddy Clemons and Vice Chairman Bert Baker.

Clemons and Baker are seeking re-appointment and  fulfilled requirements to be eligible for Tuesday’s nominations.

Two of the three remaining candidates that were nominated Tuesday bring experience in local government with them.

Those individuals are former mayors Temple Kessinger and Stephanie Clark.

The last nominee will be a new entrant into local government.

Jonathan Arritt works at Arritt Funeral Home and is a board member of the Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.

The interview and appointment process to determine who will be appointed to the two seats will go differently than years past.

Instead of interviews taking place during the June work session and appointments being made during the June regular meeting, interviews will now be held at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 28.

Appointments will be made during a 6 p.m. called meeting, Tuesday, June 4, prior to the work session to be held at 6:30 p.m.

The reason for the change in interview/appointment schedule was due to work commitments of District 1 Councilman C.J. Entsminger.

Entsminger stated that his work commitments would not allow him to be present during the normal interview/appointment schedule.

The next item in relation to Covington City Public Schools that was discussed was Supplemental Appropriation Resolution R-19-40 in the amount of $389,592.

As expressed in a letter that was sent in by Superintendent of Covington City Public Schools Melinda Snead-Johnson the appropriation request includes:

— $275,092 in additional state funding from the Virginia Department of Education;

— $67,500 in additional federal funds for Title I and GEAR-UP Virginia programming;

— $47,000 in grant funds from The Alleghany Foundation for Responsive Classroom Training.

Prior to approving the appropriation request, Covington Vice Mayor David Crosier posed a question that was in relation to a robocall to parents of Covington City Public Schools students who live in the county.

“Will this appropriation solve the issue that I understand the message put out that county kids due to budgetary funding cuts will be kicked out next year,” Crosier asked.

Clemons, who was in the audience during Tuesday’s meeting then took a few moments to provide clarification.

“If I could speak on that, the message was such that the potential is always there,” Clemons responded.

He continued with, “There was not a threat intended, it’s just that those kids [county residents] have to renew every year. There are very few that are turned down. It was more of a reminder.”

Clemons then also added that the message could have been worded differently and that there was a misinterpretation regarding the message.

After Clemons’ clarification, Crosier stated that he had no idea the message had circulated until he was approached in public about the situation.

“Because I had no clue when I was approached about it. I had no clue,” Crosier said to Clemons.

Crosier concluded the discussion about the robocall by saying, “Thank you. I’m glad that we could get this cleared up.”

Once the robocall discussion wrapped up, city council voted unanimously to approve the appropriation resolution.

Other agenda items approved Tuesday included:

— Monthly Financial Report;

— Nominations of Temple Kessinger, Darlene Taylor, Cathy Lytle and Jimmy Crawford to the Board of Equalization and a compensation rate of $10/hr.;

— First reading of Ordinance O-19-03 regarding amending and re-enacting Appendix B, Zoning, Article XIII, Conservation District CN;

— First reading of Ordinance O-19-04 regarding re-zoning of Jackson River Sports Complex from R-2,C-2 and M-2 to CN;

— Approval of special exemption request for the city of Covington for Jackson River Sport Complex to allow camping, contingent upon second reading approval of Ordinances O-19-03 and O-19-04;

— Resolution R-19-35 regarding the adoption of the Five Year Comprehensive Plan;

— Resolution R-19-36 regarding signature authorization for Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Route 220 S. Alleghany Avenue paving project;

— Appropriation Resolution R-19-37 regarding emergency repairs to Route 18 in the amount $100,000 (approved with backup resolution made to include S. Carpenter Drive and Ashland in the resolution);

— Appropriation Resolution R-19-38 regarding funding the city’s grass and weed ordinance in the amount of $5,000 (approved with the condition the money lasting through June 30);

— Appropriation Resolution R-19-39 regarding funding request of “Bridges Out of Poverty” in the amount of $500;

— Appropriation Resolution R-19-41 regarding demolition of collapsed building a.k.a. the former skating rink in an amount not to exceed $50,000.