The season is over for the Covington High School volleyball and football teams.

Multiple positive COVID-19 tests, contact tracing and quarantine protocols added up to the Cougars pulling the plug on both teams this week.

“A lot of this is quarantine related,” said CHS athletic director Charity Hale. “Had we had more numbers on the football side, we would have been OK. But when you have to quarantine and you have 18 players to start with .....”

The Cougar football team was scheduled to play at Bath County on Thursday night in their regular season finale.

A plus-one game within the region would have been played next week.

Thursday morning, the Cougar-Charger match-up was postponed to Monday night and later in the day the game, and the season for Covington, was cancelled completely.

“You’re seeing it on multiple levels,” Hale said. “You’re seeing it at the professional level, you’re seeing it at colleges every day where seasons are cut short. We knew going in when we got sports back that the possibility was always there to lose your season at any moment.

“We kind of preached that to the kids,” she added. “Enjoy it while you can, because in the world we live in right now, you don’t know what’s coming tomorrow.”

The Covington football team played just four games and had a 2-3 record, including a game they had to forfeit because of a thin roster against Narrows.

Mary Tyree’s Cougar volleyball team ended their season on Wednesday with an 8-3 record.

They were scheduled to host Highland County on Thursday and with a win would have been the No. 2 seed in next week’s Pioneer District tournament.

“It is truly devastation, especially for the seniors,” Hale continued. “At least they got something. You hate to look at it that way because it doesn’t fulfill that need to finish the year and try and make a run.

“And I feel for the coaches,” Hale said. “You work so hard to follow all the mitigation strategies and to do things right to try to preserve your year. And then things happen that are beyond your control and you lose your season overnight. It’s been a pretty rough couple of days for pretty much the whole school. It affects everybody.”

The Covington golf team will be able to continue their season and will play in the Pioneer District championship tournament on Tuesday at The Omni Homestead.

Covington teams did not participate in boys basketball, girls basketball or wrestling this winter.

Spring sport practices are scheduled to start April 12 and Hale said they would start on time.

“We are going to start,” she said. “Obviously, we will have some athletes that will be delayed getting started because of quarantine time. It won’t affect the entire group, it will just affect some here and there.”

First contests for spring sports are scheduled for Monday, April 26.

Gavin Dressler Photo