A Vinton man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for a series of thefts from the Covington Walmart.

Derek James Biaselli was sentenced Monday on six counts of grand larceny. He was tried before a jury in Alleghany County Circuit Court on Nov. 20, 2020.

At his sentencing hearing Monday, the court followed the jury’s recommendation and fixed punishment at 30 years in prison.

Ann Gardner, commonwealth’s attorney for Alleghany County and Covington, said the jury considered Biaselli’s extensive criminal record in fixing punishment.

The jury found that Biaselli entered the Walmart in Covington six times over a period of three days. Biaselli stole over $7,000 in merchandise. The crimes were committed in January 2019.

Witnesses confirmed that Biaselli pawned some of the stolen merchandise for cash, Gardner said.

The Covington Police Department and Walmart’s asset protection team investigated the case.

Credit @ Adobe Stock