On Thursday, Oct. 15, and Friday, Oct. 16, Boys Home of Virginia will host “Two Days of Giving” in honor of  Executive Director Donnie Wheatley’s 35 years of service.

Friends, family and supporters are encouraged to give Wheatley a call to congratulate him and make a pledge toward the $35,000 fundraising goal. 

You may call (540) 965-7704 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. on those days.

To add to the fun, on Friday afternoon at 2 p.m., staff and students will “Stick it to Mr. Wheatley” by literally sticking him to a wall with duct tape.

Boys Home is accepting donations of $5 for a stretch of tape or $35 for a whole roll. 

Please do not send tape. This is just a fundraising opportunity.

As a precursor to this event, Boys Home has been posting silly pictures of   Wheatley in various locations and poses on their Facebook page and Instagram.

During these two days of giving, they will continue to post pictures and videos of all the fun activities and shenanigans going on.

For more information or  to make a donation,  visit their website at www.boys homeofva.org or  call Melinda at (540) 965-7707.