The face of downtown Covington will look a little different this spring as two long-time family-owned businesses will be taking on new addresses.
Recently, Garten Enterprises purchased the Virginian Review building, located at 128 N. Maple Ave., and will soon be moving its several business offices into that facility.

At the same time, the staff of the Virginian Review has begun packing for a move to new quarters of their own — the former R.C. “Squirrel”?Woods and Greenway’s Real Estate and Auction Company building, located at 201 E. Locust Street, on the corner of Locust Street and Monroe Avenue.
Management of the Virginian Review plans to be officially in its new home beginning April 1.

The reason for the changes?

“It makes perfect sense for both of us,” said Virginian Review Publisher Mary Ann?Beirne. “Since we ceased printing our newspaper in 2015, we’ve only utilized about 5,000 square feet, if that much, of the 20,000 square-foot building on Maple Avenue. It made sense for us to find a location that was much more user-friendly in terms of space and it makes sense for Garten Enterprises, which can fully utilize all of the space available at the building we’re in now. It’s definitely a win-win scenario for both the Virginian Review and Garten Enterprises.”

This is the third move for the Virginian Review in its almost 105-year history.

The then-Covington Virginian was founded on Aug. 10, 1914, and was first located in the Graham Building, located on the corner of Main Street and Monroe Avenue, across from the Post Office.

In 1929, the newspaper moved around the corner to Monroe Avenue, where it remained until 1993, when it moved to Maple Avenue.

“Things have changed so much in the newspaper business, especially in the past 20 years,” Beirne said. “Now, with the use of computers and all of the technology available to us, we don’t require nearly as much space as we did even a few years ago. Our new location will give us the space we need and will allow us to keep our presence in downtown Covington. We’ve always been in downtown Covington and we didn’t want that to change.”

Beirne added that subscribers to the Virginian Review and the Virginian Review Online will not experience any kind of interruption during the moving process.

“Our readers will continue to receive their newspapers and will continue to be able to get all of the news and sports from the Alleghany Highlands on our website and through our social media platforms throughout the moving process,” Beirne said. “Our dedication to our readers and subscribers will always remain the same. The only thing changing is our  physical address. This is an exciting time for us and we invite our customers and friends to stop by and visit us in our new location when the move is complete.”

Reminders will be placed in the Virginian Review, on the Virginian Review website and through the newspaper’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts throughout the moving process.

Questions can be directed to Virginian Review General Manager David Crosier, by calling 540-962-2121, ext. 313, or Circulation Director Ray Worley at ext. 325.