The Covington Woman’s Club recently held its annual Student/Member Art Show and Writing Contest. The works were on display at the Alleghany Highlands Regional Library.

A reception to honor winners and participants was held Thursday, Feb. 28, in the library’s W.N. “John” Rice Community Room.

All blue ribbon winners qualified for competition at the GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) Shenandoah District meeting, which will be held Saturday, March 30, in Staunton. Best of Show art winners on the district level will continue on to state competition at the Virginia state GFWC conference, scheduled for May 2-5 in Richmond.

Visual Art Winners

High School (Grades 9-12)

Art, Watercolor Paintings: Jaymi Davis, Covington High School, first place and fourth place; Angel Browning, CHS, second place; Brooke Crowder, CHS, third place.

Art, Black and White Drawings — Pen and Ink: Ariel Fleming, CHS, first place; Audrey Holestin, CHS, second place; Bralynn Cigic, third place; Garrett Morgan, CHS, fourth place.

Art, Black and White Drawings — Charcoal: Arielle Dunaway, Alleghany High School, first place; Adrin Marshall, AHS, second place; Alexis Ostling, AHS, third place; Nathan Davis, AHS, fourth place.

Art, Pencil: Sarah Donovan, CHS, first place; Lydia Armentrout, AHS, second place; Alexis Panther, AHS, third place.

Color Drawing, Pastel: Carter Asboth, AHS, first place; Nathan Davis, AHS, second place; Sara Moses, AHS, third place.

Color Drawings, Pencil: Alexis Panther, AHS, first place; Dakota Shanklin, CHS, second place.

Printing: Alexis Panther, AHS, first place; Braden Adcock, AHS, second place; Kalen Richmond, AHS, third place.

Miscellaneous, Collages: London Ctitzer, AHS, first place; Miranda Smith, AHS, second place.

Miscellaneous, Mixed Media: Lydia Armentrout, AHS, first and second place.

Miscellaneous, Mixed Media — Pottery: Alexis Panther, AHS, first place; Braden Adcock, AHS, second place and third place.

Miscellaneous, Mixed Media — Other: Alexis Williams, AHS, first place; Alexis Panther, AHS, second place; London Critzer, AHS, third place.

Best In Show: Ariel Fleming, CHS, Pen and Ink

Visual Arts Winners, Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Art, Watercolor Paintings: Sara Howard, Clifton Middle School, first place; Mackenzie Broce, CMS, second place; Mykalynn Caldwell, Jeter-Watson Intermediate School, third place.

Art, Tempra: Abby Williams, CMS, first place; Olivia Groves, CMS, second place; Finley Ramsey, CMS, third place; Baylee Peters, CMS, fourth place.

Art, Black and White Drawings — Pencil: Nicole Frye, JWIS, first place; Keyhan Albany, JWIS, second place; Alex Gwinn, JWIS, third place; Collin Landis, JWIS, fourth place.

Art, Color Drawings —Pastels: Shawn Young, Boys Home School, first place; Terrance Harman, BHS, second place; Lindsey Childs, CMS, third place; Mason Hall, CMS, fourth place.

Art, Color Drawings — Markers: Amy Nicole Lee, CMS, first place, Hayli Givens, JWIS, second place and third place; Jordan Jackson, BHS, fourth place.

Art, Colored Pencil: Nicole Frye, JWIS, first place and second place.

Printing: Jacob Penn, CMS, first place; Amy Nicole Lee, CMS, second place; Evie Jessee, CMS, third place; Whitley Williams, CMS, fourth place.
Miscellaneous, Collages: Chloe Vess, CMS, first place; Lindsey Childs, CMS, second place; Kendra Humphries, CMS, third place; Laken Cantrell, CMS, fourth place.

Miscellaneous, Mixed Media: Zoe Clinebell, JWIS, first place.

Miscellaneous, Other: Jacob Kress, JWIS, first place; Hailey Crawford, JWIS, second place; Emily Lanahan, CMS, third place; Kalin Rice, CMS, fourth place.

Best In Show: Nicole Frye, JWIS, Black and White Drawing - Pencil.

Boys Home School 

Winners, grades 3-4

John Mark Herring, first place; Jude Dustal, second place; Justus Dustal, third place. (These entries will be judged on the local level only.)

Visual Arts - Participants

Alleghany High School: Braden Adcock, Lydia Armentrout, Carter Asboth, Tanner Close, London Critzer, Nathan Davis, Arielle Dunaway, Zykera Edwards, Cassie Evans, Adrin Marshall, Sara Moses, Alexis Ostling, Alexis Panther, Kalen Richmond, Angela Schilling, Miranda Smith, Alexis Williams.

Boys Home School: Abenego Commue, Sage Custalow, Darren Dudu, Joshua Eng, Terrance Harman, Jordan Jackson, Diego Jones, James Mc-Laughlin, Bereket Morris, Ephy Morris, Cody Payne, Johnny Posey, Mulu Slawta, Shawn Young, Jude Dostal, Justus Dustal, John Mark Herring.

Clifton Middle School: Mackenzie Broce, Sydney Broce, Tanner Broce, Laken Cantrell, Lindsey Childs, Zoe Clinebell, Tesla Collins, Chase DePriest, Hunter DePriest, Elle Dollyhigh, Olivia Groves, Mason Hall, Sara Howard, Kendra Humphries, Allyson Irvine, Evie Jessee, Alli Gilliam, Emily Lanahan, Amy Nicole Lee, Sonya Liu Trinity Meekins, Haley Nicely, Jacon Penn, Baylee Peters, Finley Ramsey, Kalin Rice, Charlotte Smith, Chloe Vess, Abby Williams, Whitney Williams, Nevaeh Willis.

Covington High School: Rayne Barnett, Angel Browning, Bralynn Cigic, Brooke Crowder, Jaymi Davis, Sarah Donovan, Ariel Fleming, Audrey Holestin, Garrett Morgan, Dakota Shanklin, Braden Toombs.

Jeter-Watson Intermediate School: Kayhan Albany, Mykalynn Caldwell, Reniayh Cheatwood, Hailey Crawford, Autumn Dawson, Nicole Frye, Hayli Givens, Alex Gwinn, Travis Hicks, Jacob Kress, Collin Landis, J’yon Smith.

Writing Contest
Short Story and Poetry Winners

Poetry, Grades K-2: Travis Hepler, Callaghan Elementary School “Snow-flake,” first place; Ben Skid-more, CES, “Snow Days,” second place; Kinlee Ratliff, CES, “Winter,” third place.

Poetry, Grades 3-5: Ashlyn Brookman, CES, “Christmas,” first place; Jude Dostal, CES, “Jude,” second place.

Poetry, Grades 6-8: Jordan Jackson, Boys Home, “My Mother,” first place; Joshua Eng, Boys Home, “My Name,” second place.

Short Story, Grades 3-5: Caleb Flenner, CES, “The Present,” first place; Riley Cosby, Sharon Elementary School, second place; Brenden Seckner, SES, third place; Caleb Muterspaugh, SES, third place.

Short Story, Grades 6-8: Bereket Morris, Boys Home, “Turks and Caicos,” first place; Cody Payne, Boys Home, “My First Vacation Ever,” second place.

Writing Contest Participants

Callaghan Elementary School: Category 1 (Grades K-2): Travis Hepler, Kinley Ratliff and Ben Skidmore, all poetry. Category 2 (Grades 3-5): Ashlyn Brookman, poetry; Caleb Flenner and Brody O'Conner, both short story.

Edgemont Primary School: Category 1 (Grades K-2): Caylee Anderson, poetry.

Sharon Elementary School: Category 2 (Grades 3-5): Riley Cosby Justin Craft, Caleb Muterspaugh, Carter Nicely and Brenden Seckner, all short story.

Boys Home School: Category 2 (Grades 3-5): Jude Dostal, poetry. Category 2 (Grades 6-8): Joshua Eng and Jordan Jackson, both poetry; Sage Custalow, Terrance Harmon, James McLaughlin, Bereket Morris, Ephy Morris, Cody Payne, Johnny Posey, Mulo Slawty and Shawn Young, all short story.

Judges for the art contest were Kyle Keyser and Dan  Rudd; while judges for the writing contest were Sara Burkholder, Donna Loan and Tondalaya VanLear.

Art teachers included Heather Baker, CHS; Laura Whitmer, BHS; Eugenia Morrissette, JWIS; Kaarn Thomas, CMS; and Courtney Horner, AHS.

The writing contest coordinator for the CWC was Debbie Rose, while Joyce Loving and Carolyn Young served as co-chairs of the club's Art Community Service Program Committee.

The club also expressed gratitude to Lisa Hicks and the staff of the Alleghany Highlands Regional Library for lending the community room for the exhibition.