90 Years Ago

Conditions In Two Schools Are Given Out

Complete reports in the matter of the unsanitary conditions at not only the Dunlap School but the Barber schools as well were furnished the Virginian this morning by Dr. B.L. Carter, secretary, of the Alleghany Board of Health.

Through Dr. Carter, the Board of Health reported to Superintendent Jeter the conditions it found in those schools and made recommendations in both cases.

The schools in question were visited by Dr. Carter and Mr. E.A. Waddy, former county sanitation officer, now located at Fincastle.

The report recommended the installation of a deep-drilled well at Barber.

Danger of contamination existed there.

This settles the question of where the water should come from.

At the Dunlap School, a new surface drainage system from the septic tank was advised.

The present system was put in wrong and not in conformity with the recommendations of Mr. Waddy.

It seems too much drop has to be avoided and Mr. Waddy’s recommendations were disregarded.

Firemen Grateful

On behalf of my fellow members of the Covington Fire Department, as well as myself, I desire to thank the management of the Alleghany Fair Association for the courteous extended us during the fair week.

Admission was given firemen in uniform and their gratitude would have been shown in any emergency.

In fact, some of them did lend their services when one small blaze started and was subdued before it could do any damage.

George R. Alexander
Assistant Chief

75 Years Ago

Capt. Michael Hanna

Captain Michael Hanna has recently been awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

His wife received the following letter from Major General Leonard F. Wing who made the award to Captain Hanna:

“By direction of the President, I have had the privilege of awarding to your husband, Michael, a Bronze Star Medal for meritorious achievement in connection with military operations against the enemy at Luzon, Philippine Islands, during the period of February 14 to May 2, 1945.

“Now that the peace is in sight and all of our prayers answered, I want you to know that I deem it an honor to have served in the same Command with your husband, who typifies the finest in the American Army — a brave and gallant soldier.”

Captain Hanna is a graduate of Covington High School.

Upon completion of his pre-medical training at William and Mary College, he studied at Georgetown Medical School, receiving his medical degree in 1940.

Entering the Army Medical Corps in July 1941, Captain Hanna has served 33 months overseas in Australia, New Guinea and the Philippine Islands.

He was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in action in the New Guinea campaign.

Funeral Services For Mrs. Dale

Mrs. Annie Stull Dale passed away at 7:15 Wednesday evening, September 12, 1945, at her home in Parrish Court, Covington.

Her death came after a very brief illness and was a great shock to her family, as well as her many friends.

She was the daughter of Mrs. Harriet Riddleberger Stull and the late George H. Stull.

Funeral services will be conducted at her mother’s home in Rich Patch Saturday afternoon at four o’clock with burial in Cedar Hill Cemetery.

50 Years Ago

School Board Requests Aid

The Covington School Board has asked the Commonwealth of Virginia for financial aid for its Early Childhood Education (kindergarten) program, now paid for solely from city revenues.

In an official resolution to the state Department of Education, the board is asking for an unspecified amount of money in support of the program, which it says meets all the state’s criteria for such aid, with the exception of the length of the school day.

The state requires five hours and 20 minutes of classroom time per day, while city kindergarten students attend only for about two and a half hours a day.

Some pupils are in school for the morning session, with a second group attending in the afternoon.

25 Years Ago

Some Residents Calling For A Curfew In Clifton Forge

Recent nighttime incidents have prompted some Clifton Forge residents to call for a curfew.

Nonetheless, City Manager Richard Magnifico isn’t ready to draft a curfew ordinance for City Council to consider.

Magnifico has ordered the police department to beef up patrols in trouble areas, and next week, a meeting will be held to discuss forming a community crime prevention program.

The curfew debate started after an incident on Rose Avenue two weeks ago.

Barbara Fowler said shots were fired in an alley behind her Rose Avenue home and she saw an individual fleeing the scene when she looked out the window.

A man, who did not identify himself at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, blamed the incidents on juveniles who roam the streets at night.

Magnifico said the police has instituted a foot patrol in a one-block area of Rose Avenue since the incident occurred.

Fowler said landlords in Clifton Forge need to be selective before renting property.

10 Years Ago

Council Discusses School Resource Officer

Covington City Council directed City Manager John Doane to meet with School Superintendent Tom Long to discuss placement of a school resource officer at Covington High School.

During its regular September meeting Tuesday night, council agreed to seek deployment of an SRO at the high school since police department budget cuts required the SRO be transferred to patrol duty.

CHS has not had an SRO since the school year began in August.