90 Years Ago

Deadlock In Clifton Forge Finally Broken

A sweeping victory for the existing order that governed Clifton Forge while C.P. Nair was president of the council was scored last night when, after the election of Mr. R.B. Hawkins as president of the council, and Harry P. Burt as vice-president, every man in office was re-elected.

J.W.C. Johnson is to continue as city attorney, E.W. Winfrey as sexton of cemeteries and H.L. Higgins as street foreman were all swept back into office again on this tide that broke the long deadlock and elected Hawkins, veteran member of the council, to the chair.

He was put in by a unanimous vote on the seventeenth ballot of the night and the 131st of the three-meeting struggle.

Move and counter-move was made last night in the attempt to break the barrier of a firm six and six vote.

At the opening of the meeting, W.S. Smith withdrew as a nominee and advanced in his stead C.P. Nair again.

Tim Halloran met this move by re-nominating Dr. Courtney Edmond and five quick ballots revealed that the deadlock still existed.

Dr. Edmond then sprang the first surprise of the evening when he withdrew and nominated in his stead Mr. Hawkins.

75 Years Ago

S/Sgt. Robert Balsey Is Reported Dead

Mrs. Dorothy Hickman Balsey of Prospect Street has received word from the War Department of the recent finding of the death of her husband, Staff Sergeant Robert S. Balsey.

The letter said in part: “Since your husband, Staff Sergeant Robert S. Balsey, of the Air Corps, was reported missing in action November 3, 1943, the War Department has entertained the hope that he survived and that information would be revealed dispelling the uncertainty surrounding his absence.

However, as in many cases, the condition of warfare deny us such information.

“All available records and reports concerning the absence of your husband have been carefully investigated and are deemed to warrant a subsequent review of his case. Information in the hands of the War Department indicates that your husband was a crew member of a B-17 (Flying Fortress), which departed from England November 3, 1943, on a bombardment mission to Wilhelmshaven, Germany. It was last sighted with one engine afire over the North Sea, approximately 10 miles north of the East Frisian Islands.”

Mrs. Balsey was awarded posthumously the Purple Heart and an Air Medal, won by her husband.

Surviving besides his widow are a small daughter, Robbie Sue Balsey, and one sister, Mrs. Virginia Clowser.

50 Years Ago

Road, Bridge Hearing Tuesday In Clifton Forge

A public hearing on two proposed highway improvements within the city limits will be held by the State Highway Department at 10 a.m. Tuesday at City Hall.

The proposed projects are a new bridge over Smith Creek and a project to tie in Church Street with Route 60 east.

The proposed bridge would replace an existing 18-foot-wide span over Smith Creek with a new one providing four 11-foot lanes and a sidewalk.

The new bridge would be 421 feet long.

The Church Street project would change the road from two lanes to a four-lane facility with curb and sidewalk.

The street would also be extended to link with U.S. 60, allowing westbound traffic into the city on a route other than Main Street.

25 Years Ago

Clifton Forge Seeking E-911 Answers

Are Clifton Forge residents willing to pay up to $42 a year for enhanced 911 emergency communications?

City Manager Richard Magnifico wants that question resolved before he recommends approval of a 20-year joint agreement that calls for the telephone system to be shared by four jurisdictions.

Magnifico said that implementing E-911 would add $2.50 to $3.50 a month to bills of CFW telephone customers in Clifton Forge.

Emergency calls in Clifton Forge are currently dispatched by the police and fire departments.

First aid calls are dispatched through the police department and the fire department dispatches its own calls.

E-911 would utilize a centralized location in Covington and computers would provide dispatchers with the address in callers.

Last week, Magnifico raised the possibility of Clifton Forge not ratifying the E-911 agreement.

10 Years Ago

Patriot Day Program

Patriot Day, a day of remembrance for the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks, was held by the Buckhorne Country Store and Campground Saturday afternoon.

Clifton Forge VFW Post 4299 held the Pledge of Allegiance ceremony and played Taps at the end of the service.

The Ray Tucker band performed patriotic songs after the ceremony.