90 Years Ago

Editorial — ‘To Hell With The Public’

Dr. B.L. Carter, who, as the representative of the Alleghany County Board of Health, went with State Sanitation Officer Waddy to the Dunlap Consolidated School for an inspection today, positively declined upon his return to give out any information whatsoever for the benefit of the public in the matter of the findings at the school, where it is unofficially reported sewerage has escaped from its proper channels.

Dr. Carter was the only member of the Board of Health to go to Dunlap.

His attitude in the matter of refusing to supply official information to our heavily-taxed people is very much that of the late Boss Tweed, of New York, which was “to hell with the public.”

Other members of the Alleghany Board of Health are Allen Stull, who, as chairman of the Board of County Supervisors, is also chairman of the County Board of Health; Dr. H.S. Smyth, of Low Moor, and Dr. B.R. Hudnall, of Covington.

Dr. Carter serves as secretary and seems to have been authorized by the board of health to act for them in the Dunlap matter.

We sincerely hope, however, and we actually believe, that Dr. Carter will find himself very much in a minority in this decidedly-unusual and, as a matter of fact, absolutely illegal policy which he has adopted as a public official.

75 Years Ago

Clifton Forge VSG Company Ordered Disbanded By Governor

Disbanding of Company 122, 12th Battalion, Virginia State Guard, at Clifton Forge, has been ordered by Governor Darden under the signature of Brigadier General S. Gardner Waller, Adjutant General.

The company was found unsatisfactory at the annual federal inspection.

It was ordered disbanded upon reinspection.

The commission of officers were revoked and all enlisted personnel granted honorable discharges.

Captain Clayton E. Smith, company commander, was ordered to collect all property for which he is responsible and see that it is stored in the armory at Clifton Forge.

He also was instructed to store all company records until receiving instruction from the adjutant general’s office for other disposition.

It is understood that efforts are being made by citizens of the community to form a new company.

General Waller stated today that Clifton Forge “has supplied an excellent National Guard company for many years and at the beginning of World War II, it furnished a splendid company in the 246th Coast Artillery Command (harbor defense).”

He said that the town has one of the newest armories in the state and pointed out that a large number of personnel from its National Guard Company received commissions in the present war.

He declined to give any details concerning the order for disbanding the State Guard company.

50 Years Ago

Aunt Mary’s Letter Box


A word concerning both men and women in dressing.

First, who thinks a nude body of another sex is pretty?

I think as a man that a woman is a beautiful thing that God created if she is properly dressed.

God’s word said let her dress in modest apparel.

Now, what is modest?

In my opinion, it is that she dress so as to not attract the opposite sex to her; nothing embarrasses me more to see.

I respect our female sex.

I?have nothing against them.

Of course, all the clothing that one can put on does not protect them.

When I was a boy, I?knew women that you couldn’t see above their shoetops, still they had two or three children and never married.

So it is the hidden person inside that makes the difference.

I don’t think that there is anything nicer on the male sex than a man keeping himself neat, with his hair cut nice and dressed fully, with respect to the oppose sex.

God’s word also says, Know you not that it is a shame for a man to wear long hair.”

It also says fear God and keep His commandments.

25 Years Ago

Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor:

I was most concerned when I?saw the article in the Virginian Review that Clifton Forge may not participate in 911.

What is wrong?

The bottom line is as per usual.

Clifton Forge, Alleghany County and Covington cannot work together.

Must the citizens of Clifton Forge suffer?

Does Clifton Forge have to step backwards while Alleghany County and Covington move forward?

What industry will want to locate in Clifton Forge without 911?

I cannot accept the reasons given.

Smaller areas have 911.

If Alleghany County and Covington have 911, Clifton Forge, most certainly, should have it, too.

Please remember how important this issue is.

We are talking about life and death situations.

Nothing is more precious than a human being and saving a life.

10 Years Ago

Jackson River Governor’s School Enrollment Triples

Eddie Graham, director of the Jackson River Governor’s School, has announced that new student enrollments for this school year are more than triple those of 2009-10.

Thirty-three first-year students are enrolled in the college-level academic program for the fall semester.

Jackson River Governor’s School is a unique partnership between Dabney S. Lancaster Community College and local public school divisions to provide challenging educational experiences for students with advanced interests and abilities in mathematics, science and technology.

Students from Alleghany, Bath County, Covington, James River and Parry McCluer are currently eligible to attend JRGS.