90 Years Ago

Holds Wedding On Stage At Clifton Forge

The strains of the Lohengrin wedding march pealed forth in a breathless hush that held the huge crowd that was packed in Warner Brothers’ Masonic Theatre at Clifton Forge last night spellbound as Miss Mittie Young Ford, of Covington, accompanied by her maid of honor, Miss Helen Harris, also of Covington, moved slowly out upon the stage.

The bride recently came from Collierstown, Rockbridge County, to work at the Rayon Plant.

Kenneth Rapp, of Clifton Forge, the bridegroom, appeared on the opposite side of the stage with his best man, Julian Faidley, of Clifton Forge, as soon as Miss Ford and Miss Harris had taken up their positions near the center of the flower-decorated stage.

Rapp is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Rapp, of Rockbridge Street, Clifton Forge.

Methodists In South Covington To Erect Church

A modern brick tabernacle is soon to be erected in Rayon Terrace.

The building, when completed, will be the new church home of the Southern Methodists, who now have services over the Rayon Terrace Store.

Rev. L.S. Shires, a former principal of the Covington Graded School, is pastor of the new church.

Some time ago, the General Board of Education, of the Southern Methodist Church, purchased and deeded to this congregation a suitable lot just opposite the store.

On this lot the new church will be built.

75 Years Ago

No News Of Men Listed As Missing

No word has been received of Herman Edgar Rhodes, son of Mrs. Cora Rhodes of Highland Street, according to the local Red Cross.

He was listed as missing in action early in the war by the Navy Department when the submarine tender “Canopus” was scuttled by its crew.

However, since no record of his death had been received by the Navy Department, he was presumed to be a prisoner of the Japanese.

The Red Cross also reports that there is no news of Lt. Robert Plymale, son of Mr. T.C. Plymale of Blue Spring Run, who has been officially reported by the War Department as a prisoner of the Japanese since February, 1942, being taken prisoner when General Wainwright surrendered the Philippines.

Since the ceasing of hostilities with Japan, friends and relatives of these boys are anxiously awaiting news of them.

Plott Cited For Historic Attack

For the part they played in the historic series of five low-level incendiary attacks on Japan during an all-out offensive, Private Billy J. Plott, of Covington, and hundreds of other enlisted men at B-29 bases in the Marianas, have been commended by the Commanding General of the Twentieth Air Force.

His mother, Mrs. W.W. Plott, lives at 821 South Alleghany Avenue in Covington.

50 Years Ago

First Christian, Sheet Finishing Are Winners In Softball Playoff Action

First Christian rapped 19 hits Thursday night at Parrish Court and defeated Jane Colby 12-3 in a playoff game for eighth place in League 2 of the City Slow Pitch League.

In another game, Sheet Finishing downed the Westvaco Papermakers, 7-1, in a playoff game for first place in League 1.

First Christian used a balance of scoring to pace their win over Jane Colby, plus a sound defense.

The winners wasted no time in getting started with a three-run blast in the top of the first.

A walk and hits by Sonny Simmons, Wesley Boerner, Jim Brackman and Robert Martin accounted for these tallies.

The second inning four-run rally was sparked on by hits by Robert Pedigo, Larry Craft, Simmons and Brackman.

Sheet Finishing hit the scoreboard early in the game with three runs in each of the first two innings.

The Papermakers just couldn’t put together a hitting attack and managed only one in the sixth.

The winners rally in the first was sparked by an error and hits by Larry Treynor, Richard Smith and Alvin Fox.

In the second inning, Freddie Harold, R.L. Floyd and Pete Hutcheson singled and Treynor slammed a homer.

25 Years Ago

Area Resident Is Finalist

Joanne Myers Austin of Covington was among the finalists in the Ms. Virginia Senior Citizens pageant held last week in Roanoke.

Austin was one of two area residents participating in the pageant, which was won by Blaine Peterson of Petersburg.

Also participating from Covington was Connie Newcomb Gilbert.

Austin was a finalist in the talent competition, winning for her vocal performance of “How Great Thou Art.”

Ms. Austin sang “How Great Thou Art” and Ms. Gilbert performed a line dance routine.

A delegation of Covington residents attended the pageant both Friday and Saturday.

Ms. Austin commented, “It was an absolutely fabulous week. It was a wonderful experience. Everyone came away a winner.”

Ms. Gilbert added, “It was a lovely bunch of women in the pageant. Everyone who participated was a winner. Everyone had good talent and presented themselves well. It was a good pageant.”

10 Years Ago

The Announcers Mark 40th Anniversary

Forty years ago, Dale Multigraph and Billy Nicely decided to start a singing group which became something of a boy’s choir to sing in the area’s Advent Christian churches and at camp meeting.

The group became known as the Advent Announcements and all participants at the time were members of Lone Star Advent Christian Church.

Ernie Nicely joined the group in late 1971 and since Ernie was older and had a car, the group was then able to travel and sing.

Alan Dale Craft joined the group in 1973 and since he had a pickup truck, he could carry equipment.

The group was on its way.

About this time, the name of the group became simply the Announcers.