STAUNTON — Clergy appointments for United Methodist Churches in the Highlands, as approved in June by the Virginia United Methodist Conference.

The appointments went into effect on Wednesday, July 1.

Alleghany County

Alleghany: Shannon P. Cox, eighth year; lay supply assigned by the district superintendent.

Callaghan: Nancy A. Palmer, fifth year, full-time; Fletcher Chapel, Hoke Chapel.

Epworth-Mountain Valley: Jonathan S. Greer, third year, full-time; Epworth, Mountain Valley.

Iron Gate: Joseph Rose, second year, licensed lay minister; Iron Gate, Longdale, Walton Memorial.

Mount Pleasant-South Covington: Yun Goo Kang, fourth year, elder member;  Mount Pleasant, South Covington.

Potts Valley: David C. Brown, 19th year, full-time; Humphrey’s, Persinger Memorial, Pinnell.

Bath County

Bath: Sangjung Lee, first year, elder member; Burnsville, Eden, Starr-Bolar, Virginia Chapel.

Hot Springs: Namseok “Andrew” Baek, third year,  elder member; Ashwood, Emory.

Clifton Forge

Central: Marion R. Sortore, first year, full-time.


Christ’s Cooperative Parish: J. Gregory Kropff, first year, full-time; Christ, Parrish Court.

Granbery Memorial: Sung Woon Yoo, second year, full-time.

Mount Carmel: Douglas E. Hollenbeck, 19th year, full-time.