A joint meeting of the Covington Planning Commission and Covington City Council conducted Tuesday afternoon saw the two governing bodies entertain a rezoning request submitted by J. Frank Hepler, president of P.C. Mini Storage, Inc.

Hepler requested that a lot on Holly Street be rezoned from R-3 to C-2.

Hepler, who was joined by his son, Mark, for Tuesday’s meeting, stated the reason for the rezoning request. 

“We’re hoping to rezone this to expand our present business, which is across the street from this lot,” he explained.

Covington Planning Commission Chairman Tad Robertson asked Hepler if he owned the lot.

“Yes sir,” Hepler replied.

Robertson then asked Hepler about his plans for the lot.

Hepler re-emphasized his wish to expand his present business.

Following the brief interaction, a public hearing was then opened to which Mike Silvery, along with his wife, Rhonda, spoke.

The Silverys are homeowners who live near Hepler’s business.

The Silverys asked what problems the rezoning could cause them if they wanted to use the vacant lots or would any problems come about at their present residence near Hepler’s business.

Robertson responded to the Silverys, “Nothing.”

Following Robertson’s answer, the Silverys stated they were fine with the rezoning.

After the closure of the public hearing, the Covington Planning Commission unanimously approved Hepler’s rezoning request by way of a 6-0 vote.

Following the vote, city council adjourned from the joint meeting while the planning commission addressed other agenda items.

Council took no action on the request following the public hearing.