LOW MOOR -  The Alleghany County School Board met with the board of supervisors Monday to present its preliminary budget for 2021-2022.

A final draft budget, based on updated financial figures, will soon be considered for approval by the school board.

The budget presented to the board of supervisors Monday is based on original proposals from Gov. Ralph Northam.

“This is based on the governor’s proposed budget. We’ll be back to you with some additional information in the future,” said Keven Rice, the school division’s finance director.

“We do have our final draft budget prepared, but our school board has not seen that as of yet, so I’m not prepared to discuss that this evening,” Rice said.

The school administration has been revising its budget numbers since March 9. State funding numbers were received after the General Assembly completed its work in Richmond. The General Assembly session was extended.   

Even though the budget presented to supervisors Monday is not final, it met a statutory requirement.  Virginia requires school boards to submit a balanced budget to their funding locality by April 1. 

“We will be finalizing our final budget, which is based on the General Assembly, and that is more favorable,” Rice said.

The preliminary school budget totals $27.1 million and it includes money to provide teachers with raises.  The preliminary proposal involves providing a step increase on the salary scale, plus 2.25 percent.

The budget is based on an enrollment of 1,815, reflecting a decline of 46 students.

Rice said the budget incorporates changes to Virginia’s minimum wage law. Virginia’s minimum wage is set to increase to $9.50 per hour on May 1, and it will gradually increase each year, until it reaches $15 on  Jan. 1, 2026.

School officials are projecting a 4 percent decrease in health insurance premiums in the coming year. Rice said that will result in more take-home pay for employees.

The budget seeks level local funding of $9.7 million from the county.